A Sort-Of-Best-Of the Blog

Something for which I’m grateful is the number of astute commentators on the blog – while it’s a small number, the discussions that have been had in the comments sections have been, on the whole, outstanding. To demonstrate, here’s a sort-of-best-of the blog – five blog posts that have, in my opinion, generated the best discussions:

Barth on Impassibility – one of my first serious dogmatic studies was on the topic of God’s impassibility, a subject to which I will be returning shortly.

Physics, Metaphysics, Physics – here I critiqued philosopher Tim Maudlin’s conception of both metaphysics and ontology.

Conceptual Confusions and Philosophy of Mind – in which I addressed what I took (and still take) to be some fairly serious issues in contemporary philosophy of mind and brain science. This post has the largest number of comments.

Thoughts on Wittgenstein’s Philosophy of Religion – here I summarized what I take to be the main aspects of Wittgenstein’s philosophy of religion, specifically, the influence of Kierkegaard.

Some Scattered Thoughts on Peter Enns Ideas on Scripture, the Enlightenment and God – this is the most recent of the lot, and here I present an overall critique of Peter Enns most recent ideas.

Hopefully you’ll get as much out of these posts and discussions as I did.

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