More on Freedom

At this point it seems to be the case that unless you have some kind of anthropological teleology, you can’t get free will or freedom of any kind. Without the teleological, all you get is volition – and as I argued in another post, if you think it through, all volition does is imprison you, which is the opposite of free will. This to me is why so much of the free will debate is muddled – it ends up being about the surface issues, like, ‘can I choose X over Y freely?’, when it needs to be about the underlying metaphysics of freedom or nonfreedom. Whether or not one can freely choose one option from among others in any given scenario is irrelevant to whether or not one is truly free, and that’s the real question.

If, however, you don’t admit any kind of teleology, then your basically banned from the start from having any kind of coherent theory of freedom, and you’ll be forced to argue about volition, which gets you nowhere. My main point here is that if any progress is too be made about any issue, we have to look past the surface problems and go deeper into the issue at hand.


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