Metaphysical Musings

I’ve never really put too much though into Platonic realism. I knew about it and all, but really have never really sat down and thought about it. But a while ago I read something about Schopenhauer’s theory of music – how music actually enables us to see the Forms, of sadness, or happiness, or whatever, and by doing so release us, if only for a moment, from Will. That, to me, (and I’m *not* a Schopenhaur expert at all, so that’s probably a pretty lame breakdown of hi idea) is one of the most beautiful ideas in philosophy, and the more I’ve thought about it lately, the more force it seems to have. From a theistic perspective, in which God *is* goodness, and beauty, it would seem that music and art don’t reflect simply an abstract Form out there in a metaphysical realm, but reflect something, however imperfect and however small, of that Ultimate Reality which is the very substance of beauty, and love, and goodness. For that brief moment that we see a great painting or hear a beautiful song, we catch a small glimpse of that from which beauty and goodness derive any meaning.