Etienne Gilson on Metaphysics

‘The question then arises: Should the repeated failures of metaphysics be ascribed to metaphysics itself, or to metaphysicians? It is a legitimate question, and one that can be answered in the light of philosophical experience. For indeed that experience itself exhibits a remarkable unity. If our previous analyses are correct, they all point to the same conclusion, that metaphysical adventures are doomed to fail when their authors substitute the fundamental concepts of any particular science for those of metaphysics. Theology, logic, physics, biology, psychology, sociology, economics, are fully competent to solve their own problems by their own methods; on the other hand, however, and this must be our fourth conclusion: as metaphysics aims at transcending all particular knowledge, no particular science is competent either to solve metaphysical problems, or to judge their metaphysical solutions.’ (Etienne Gilson, ‘The Unity of Philosophical Experience,’p. 249)

Theology Begins in Worship

Theology proper begins in worship. It’s almost a reaction to the revelation of God – there’s no other option when coming into contact with revelation but worship. Worship used here does not mean music – it means a supplication of the heart and soul before the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Theology beings in, and remains, worship – one cannot be a theologian otherwise. Theology is not a matter of trying to wrap our minds around God – one cannot wrap their mind about the infinite and wholly other. Theology is not a matter of trying to put into God or ideas of God into words – human language, frail as it is, cannot express or even begin to express anything about the infinite. Theology is not a philosophical game nor a means to solve philosophical problems. God is not an answer to philosophical musings, – He is the Living God, who approaches us in our hearts, the God before whom we sing and dance, in whom with live and move and have our being. If philosophy begins in wonder as Plato said, then theology begins in, remains as, and is worship.