Reading Notes 7/6/14

I received N.T. Wright’s ‘Simply Jesus’ the other day, and it’s a great book so far. Wright’s popular works are for the most part pretty well-written, but they do tend to require a pretty full engagement with his more academic works to really make sense – i.e., he uses a lot of ideas he’s developed at length in more academic works without unpacking them in his shorter, more popular works, so there is the potential for confusion there.

Read an interesting essay by Edward Feser on the concept of ‘laws of nature’ as understood in the modern sciences – his thesis is that they are a theological formulation designed to replace the Aristotliean concept of ‘law of nature’ which was based on things like immanent essences and substantial forms – pretty interesting.  Read it here (still no hyperlinks, sadly): If you’re itnerested in philosophy of science you’ll enjoy this article.

Any Lovecraft fans read this blog? I have the ‘Necronomicon’, a lovely best-of collection of his works. I prefer his short-medium length stories over his longer works personally. He’s quite adept at crafting an atmosphere of unease – and his use of old-thyme language and names lends a quasi-biblical feel to his stories. Personal favourites would be Innsmouth, Colour Out of Space, Dunwich Horror and most of the other shorter stories.

Reading Notes 4/30/14

‘Foundation and Empire’ is still really good – the Mule is a great character, and he has yet to be fully revealed. I cannot wait to get to the next book in the series. I wonder if anyone has ever tried to make use of psychohistory – seems like something that could work. If it did, that’d be pretty cool. After the Foundation novels, I’ll either start the Robot novels or ‘The Edge of Tomorrow’.

Hasker’s ‘The Emergent Self’, is a great book – I’m right now reading about the unity of consciousness as an argument against the mind being a material thing – known in modern terms as the transcendental unity of apperception, or in normal words, it’s an argument from the fact that consciousness is a single, unified experience.. Thanks for that really catchy phrase though, Kant. It’s a solid argument, though.

I have a great edition of Lovecraft stories, entitled ‘The Necronomicon’, and it looks beautiful – and I saw at the bookstore that there’s another volume, same format, of his non-Cthullu weird tales. I’d like to get that. I also saw a volume of his where the edge of the paper is black – so when the book is closed, instead of white, it’s solid black. Really cool.

I’m writing notes for a blog post on ‘meaning’ which is trickier than you might suppose. Hopefully it will appear soon – ‘meaning’ is a difficult thing to work through.

On that note, I’ve started using a composition notebook for writing, notes, etc. I used to have a little legal pad, which has a lot of scribblings on it, which I may transcribe to this larger book. Or I may keep the legal pad next to my bed, because sometimes I have an idea, but really don’t want to get out of bed, and end up forgetting by morning.

There is a great Twitter bible study going on: – for the schedule, see the post below.

I should have put this out earlier, but I forgot. It’s definitely worth participating in, though – lots of good food for thought so far. Use the #luke2acts hastag if you want to contribute.