Best of the Blog 2015

Here are some of the most-viewed posts/posts I enjoyed the most that I wrote this year, excluding my note-taking posts (I was going to try and do a recap of the books I’ve gotten/read this year but I really have completely forgotten exactly which ones I’ve acquired in 2015):

It’s technically a series, but for present purposes I’ll count my review of Katherine Sonderegger’s ‘Systematic Theology’: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Final Things. I won’t rehash my review(s), but I’ll simply state that this was one of the most enjoyable and challenging readings I’ve done in a while. On that note, here are two more non-review posts I did interacting with Sonderegger (among others): The Gift of a Name and Speaking of God

Karl Barth was a big theme here as well, and I did two posts putting him in conversation with N.T. Wright: Barth, Wright and Election and Theology’s Biblical Dilemma. I also enjoyed writing on The Prolepsis of the Son and the Eternity of the Hypostatic UnionSome Quotes and Comments on the Natures and Wills of Christ in Barth was also a favourite of mine, written specifically against the accusation that Barth endorsed monothelitism. And finally, A Promise From Time Eternal rounds out the Barth category.

This year I also enjoyed reading David Luy’s ‘Dominus Mortis’, and wrote two posts interacting with it:  The Solidarity of Impassibility and Luther, Nestorius, and Medieval Christology (which was a good deal of fun to write).

Another big theme (though this is kind of broad) was the intersection of reason, logic, science, the emotions and concepts: The Logic of CommittmentTheory-Ladenness, the Given, Intellectual Passion and Theory DevelopmentConceptual Metaphors, Neuroscience and the Structure of Our Experience and Thomistic-Wittgensteinian Concept Formation and a Problem For Naturalism.

General philosophy (mostly philosophy of mind and philosophy of science) were touched on as well: Rational Reality and Inherent IntelligbilityThe Causal and the MentalRussell Against the PragmatistsHumean, All Too Humean and Virtue, Narrative, and the Moral Identity. Since it’s a bit of an oddball, I’ll put The Natural Theology of Negation here as well.

All in all, a pretty decent year for reading and writing. I hope you enjoy, and here’s to a happy and productive 2016.


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