This Christmas, Seek Barth Where He May Be Found


Today (13 December 2015) $5 off on all stocking stuffers – mugs, tote bags, phone cases – as well as free worldwide shipping!


You’ve skimmed parts of Barth’s Church Dogmatics. Brushed over IV.1 Ignored all of III. Forgot where you were in I.2. But you still can’t find Karl Barth. Well, friends, that’s because you have to seek Barth where he may be found. But where, you ask, can he be found? Look no further!


Perhaps on a coffee mug, which holds the caffienated liquid you need to skim over the small print of the CD!

Perhaps on a clock, which reminds you that it’s time to start skipping over the Latin and Greek quotations you can’t read!

Perhaps on a pillow, where you can rest your head while you anticipate waking up to read more Church Dogmatics!

Perhaps on a smartphone cover, where you have selections from the Dogmatics saved to quote to your friends when they ask you a theological question!

Perhaps on a t-shirt, so that you can proudly spend an hour or more explaining who the guy on your t-shirt is!

The possibilities are almost endless (and you can even get all the same things with Moltmann’s face and a quote on them, but he’s super wrong so you don’t need to bother).


These nifty gifties all feature an image designed by my wife and come in all kinds of colours – more info can be found by clicking one of the links above. Take a look, see what you like, and make it possible for my wife to make more cool theologically themed designs.

Merry Christmas (even if you buy something with Moltmann on it)

– Joshua


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