Notes on Perception and Skills

– Interestingly, perceptual knowledge of facts doesn’t require perception of the object of said knowledge itself – we don’t need to perceive X to know a fact about X (consider how alarms or doorbells let us have perceptual knowledge of something which we don’t directly perceive).

– Derived knowledge is a species of identification: a is f because b is g. This knowledge requires learning to identify a is f from b is g.

– This learning begins as a conscious inference – explicitly moving from b is g to a is f – and as the identification skills develop, the inference fades away, as it were, and the derived knowledge becomes more and more psychologically immediate.

– Lurking in the background here is the fact that learning skills require ‘normal conditions’ in order to be able to properly use such skills. Internal/external factors, environment and other related things fall under ‘conditions’. Lurking further in the background is the idea of ‘proper function’, but that will require some more fleshing out.


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