Redemption and Nothing (else)

– Suppose we think of the emphasis on the place of salvation and redemption as a kind of reductionism. We might map this out as such: God –> redemption –> creation –> redemption. Put simply, the economy of salvation is the reason for and end of creation.

– What I think this leads to, as Fred Sanders commenting on John Webster noted, is (oddly enough) a kind of commensurablity between God and man – a kind of ‘given-ness’, where the ‘given’ is creation/man, around which all else must revolve. Said another way, here the drama of redemption and salvation history becomes a single stage upon which both God and man perform and interact.

– We might call this a collapse of the creation/redemption distinction, which leads to a collapse of the creator/creature distinction.

– Perhaps a more helpful way to think/model would be this: God –> creation {redemption set within creation} –> preservation of creator/creature distinction.

– What this leaves us with is this: that God is, in all his interactions with the world, only God for us, but God is not, in himself, only God for us. If God is only God for us, then he cannot be God without us.


2 thoughts on “Redemption and Nothing (else)

  1. Bobby Grow September 7, 2015 / 7:07 pm

    Sounds like the distinction that Barth made between God’s primary objectivity and secondary objectivity; i.e. a healthy Creator/creature distinction that is held together ultimately by God’s grace in Christ.


  2. whitefrozen September 7, 2015 / 7:21 pm

    I don’t find Barth terribly helpful here, personally – as Sanders noted in the linked post, there’s a bit of a struggle on Barth’s part to maintain that distinction given his own redemption-christ reductionism.


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