Musical Notes

A few songs/artists I’ve been enjoying:

Subheim – Away, from their album ‘Approach’

Excellent dark ambient/electronica.

sync24 – ‘1N50MN14’, from their album ‘Comfortable Void’

More dark electronica with ambient.

Twin Forks, ‘Scraping Up the Pieces’, from their self-titled album.

Stompy folk with a great rhythm.

Les Fragments De La Nuit – Devenons Demain II, from their album ‘Musique du Crépuscule’

Atmospheric, dark string/piano.

2 thoughts on “Musical Notes

  1. SamL November 17, 2014 / 6:19 am

    Sweeeeet – loving the Subheim and sync24 tunes. Was actually trying to work out where I recognised the album art for sync24 from then clocked that they’re released on Ultimae Records – I used to be heavily into that whole scene though I never really listened to sync24, the big ones for me on that label were always Aes Dana and Solar Fields. Was at a festival in Hungary once where the label took over the chill-out tent for 24 hours – proper slow-motion space hopping stuff!

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    • whitefrozen November 17, 2014 / 2:22 pm

      Glad you enjoyed them! I’ve recently begun digging thru the chill/ambient/electronica world after years of being an ambient purist (lots of Cold Meat Industries stuff, organic/industrial/ambient, some martial/folk ambient, etc). Those two artists seem to be pretty top notch. Aes Dana I remember somewhat, but there’s a folk-metal band of the same name so I’ll have to refresh my memory of them. There’s just so much in that world though, especially since it’s easier to make your own music nowadays, that I know I’m missing out on a lot due to sheer volume (and unfortunately, a large number of not-so-great projects.


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