Those Damn Fallacies

I’m going to catalogue a list of what I now take to be fallacies in theology and philosophy. They take the following form:

(1) That damn Greek philosophy (in the context of any dogmatic theology)
(2) That damn Constantine (in the context of ecclesiology)
(3) That damn John Calvin (in the context of predestination)
(4) Those damn Bishops (in the context of ignorant pronouncements on the formation of the canon)
(5) That damn Roman Catholic Church (in the context of ignorant pronouncements on Galileo)
(6) Those damn Christians (in the context of ignorant pronouncements on the Dark Ages)
(7) Those damn early moderns (in the context of Edward Feser’s thoughts on the history of philosophy)
(8) Those damn liberals (in the context of inerrancy, culture, science, etc, from a conservative perspective)
(9) Those damn conservatives (in the context of social justice, etc, from a liberal perspective)

There are probably millions more, but that’s a good start. I actually think some of those are fairly funny. I imagine Barth, Bultmann, Wright and many others would fit in very well. Feel free to add your own!

One thought on “Those Damn Fallacies

  1. Matthew C August 15, 2014 / 4:38 pm

    Those damn Replacement theologians (in the context of Israel)
    Those damn Westerns (in the context of anything discussed by Eastern Orthodox)
    Those damn Semi-Pelagians (in the context of any discussion of predestination introduced by Calvinists)


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