The Next Time a Christian Musician Opens Their Mouth About Anything That Isn’t Music…

…think on these words of wisdom:

‘It’s so funny being a Christian musician. It always scares me when people think so highly of Christian music, Contemporary Christian music especially. Because I kinda go, I know a lot of us, and we don’t know jack about anything. Not that I don’t want you to buy our records and come to our concerts. I sure do. But you should come for entertainment. If you really want spiritual nourishment, you should go to church…you should read the Scriptures.’

– Rich Mullins

One thought on “The Next Time a Christian Musician Opens Their Mouth About Anything That Isn’t Music…

  1. Christine Q-J (@Quinnjones2C) August 8, 2014 / 6:11 am

    Hi Joshua, Ok, I’ve just ‘eaten’ the words that first came into my mind when I read this and here are my ‘post-prayer’ thoughts 🙂
    Our Rector is highly gifted and is also a brilliant musician. I’m a member of the worship team and we all work closely with our Rector, who oversees the choices of all hymns and songs. I’m also sent out ‘on loan’ at least once a month to our sister church, where I work closely with the vicar there. He’s not a musician and sometimes asks me to suggest hymns and songs.The hymns and songs we choose are informed by the scripture readings the preacher’s sermon will be focussed on – and yes, we do talk this through 🙂
    I won’t comment on everything Rich Mullins said, but he does speak for himself and not as a representative of all musicians. I would not describe his words as ‘wisdom’ and I suspect that Tim Hughes, Robin Mark, Stuart Townend, Matt Redmann et al would not disagree with me about that.
    So next time you open your mouth about musicians…… 🙂


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