Reading Notes 4/18/14

I continue to make headway through Wright’s ‘Jesus and the Victory of God’, and just finished the section ‘Symbol and Controversy’. Wright focused on Jesus’ challenge to the great symbols of Israel – the temple, Torah, food, land, and family – and his redefinition of them around himself. This has been a very intriguing section, with my favourite part being Wright’s detailed exposition and explanation of the reasons why Jesus went toe-to-toe with the Pharisees.

Asimov’s ‘Foundation and Empire’ is getting better – there was, as I said before, a rather awkward start but it’s finally picked up steam. I look very much forward to continuing the series. I looked everywhere for my copy of ‘I, Robot’, but couldn’t find it, so I’ll have to buy it eventually.

My wife and I watched ‘Valkyrie’ this week, and I forgot how enjoyable of a film that is. Great WW2 moral-dilemna film. I’m going to watch ‘Good’ with Viggo Mortensen next (not with him, the film simply features him).

Other than that, not much reading lately, as I’ve been pretty tired during the week. I’ll hopefully catch up, since this is a long weekend and I’m taking a few days off afterwards.


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