Notes on Torrance’s Scientific Methodolgy

Torrance puts a huge emphasis on the scientific methodology of theology – he defined his method as one that is:

‘…operating on its own ground and in accordance with the inner law of its own being, developing its distinctive modes of inquiry and its essential forms of thought under the determination of its given subject-matter.’ (Torrance)

So basically theology is a positive, as opposed to negative, science. Theology operates in a manner consistent with God’s positive self-revelation in Christ. Torrance was a proponent of positive, or cataphatic, theology over negative, or apophatic, theology. Negative theology seeks to develop theology in a obviously enough, negative manner – we cannot know what God is, only what He is not. Pseudo-Dionyisus and Aquinas really developed this line of thought.

Anyway, this rambling is big enough. Final thought: is one method better than another?

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