Subjective Interpretation

Is there reality, or is it only interpretation?

It seems that if there are interpretations, there must be something to interpret. So there is reality – and there are interpretations. But then is reality for me the same as for someone else? In a sense, no – I may view the world in a certain way, and someone else may view it another way. Broadly speaking, it seems that reality can differ in appearance by virtue of different interpretations. Events happen – our interpretations of events may be vastly different, but events have to objectively happen in some sense. But if we are subject to our interpretation of an objective reality, is reality objective in any meaningful sense? No one can rise above themselves and see reality with a purely objective viewpoint, as far as I can tell. But there does seem to have to be  something which we interpret in order for us to interpret anything. By virtue of our own subjectivity and interpretations, it seems that reality is entirely objective, even if we are incapable of seeing it that way.

Next: how interpretation relates to literature and knowledge.


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