R.I.P. Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens, the well-known journalist and contributing editor to Vanity Fair magazine, was one of the notorious ‘four horsemen,’ of the new-atheist movement – a particularly aggressive movement that made no bones about it’s disdain for religion and religious belief.  Hitchens was one of its prime spokesman, authoring the polemical book ‘God is Not Great,’ and participating in what became a very well-known debate  on the existence of God with philosopher Dr. William Lane Craig. He hatred of religion was absolutely unabashed – but this didn’t diminish his literary, rhetorical or cognitive faculties one iota. His social/political viewpoints and criticisms, whether you agreed or not, were sharp and intelligent and his writing was brilliant. He will be missed as someone who genuinely cared for people – not as a mere ideal or crutch for his own political viewpoints but because he really did care for actual people. He will be missed as a fiery and imaginative critic of religion – something that is very much needed in society. Christopher Hitchens will be missed, and my prayers are with his family during this trying time.   Below is  a magnificent memorial piece for the Daily Mail written by  Peter Hitchens, Christopher’s brother.



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