The Witness of the Spirit

















‘The experience of all real Christians shows what many other texts of scripture also reveal. There is, in every believer, both the testimony of God’s Spirit, and the testimony of his own spirit, that he or she is a child of God. The testimony of our own spirit is a rational one, but the witness of God’s Spirit is a divine testimony, an intimate conviction manifested in our hearts.’

– John Wesley

That we are sure of our salvation is not a matter of syllogisms or simply an answer to a spiritual equation – one does not simply believe certain things to be true and on that basis know that one is saved, though that is without a doubt a part of it. But it is the  Holy Spirit, in an experience beyond any words, that bears witness with our spirit. There is both the rational – we believe Christ is risen, we believe the Gospel to be true, we affirm these as actual facts which happened in history. But there is the spiritual – God’s Holy Spirit, the Spirit that ushered in Pentecost, that hovered over the primeval waters of creation, the earth-shaking, comforting, fiery, wild Spirit, which bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God.


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