Abraham and Isaac

Abraham and Isaac – Taken from Genesis 22.

1. Abraham is commanded by God, with whom he had a personal and deep relationship, to do something shocking, sacrifice His son, Isaac.

2. This has never been commanded by God (human sacrifice) and is strictly forbidden in Hebrew culture; this is NOT setting a precedent for child or human sacrifice.

3. Abraham has two options:

  • Trust his theology, which says that God would never ask him to do something like this and that he shouldn’t have to do this, or…
  • Trust God, whom he has absolute faith in by a lifetime of experience, that even though this is abnormal, shocking, heartbreaking and even wrong, God will remain faithful to him if he remains faithful to God.

4. Abraham elects to completely trust God, even going against his own reasoning, because God has been faithful to him to the extent that Abraham knows He can be totally trusted.

5. He prepares to carry out the act but is stopped; God was not going to allow Isaac to be harmed because it is against His nature, and hence there was never an instance where Isaac was going to actually perish. God provided a ram for Abraham to sacrifice and  establishes a covenant with Abraham through whom He brings about the Hebrew nation (He promises to make his people a people that will never die out and will flourish for all time) and eventually Christ as the Redeemer for all mankind

6. Abrahams absolute faith and trust is credited to him as righteousness and lays the foundation of the Gospel; that we are made righteous before God by faith.


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